pock|et1 W2S2 [ˈpɔkıt US ˈpa:-] n
1¦(in clothes)¦
3¦(small container)¦
4¦(small area/amount)¦
5 be in somebody's pocket
6 have something in your pocket
7 out of pocket
8 be/live in each other's pockets
[Date: 1400-1500; : Old North French; Origin: pokete, from poke 'bag']
1.) ¦(IN CLOTHES)¦
a type of small bag in or on a coat, trousers etc that you can put money, keys etc in
Luke came in with his hands in his pockets.
jacket/trouser etc pocket
The keys are in my trouser pocket.
pocket of
the inside pocket of his jacket
The policeman told me to turn out my pockets (=take everything out of them) .
2.) ¦(MONEY)¦
the amount of money that you have to spend
There are eight hotels, with a price range to suit every pocket .
from/out of/into your own pocket
Dan had to pay for the repairs out of his own pocket.
He was accused of diverting some of the firm's money into his own pocket.
The deepening recession has hit people's pockets .
For investors with deep pockets (=a lot of money) , the Berlin property market is attractive.
a small bag or piece of material fastened to something so that you can put things into it
Please read the air safety card in the pocket of the seat in front.
a small area or amount of something that is different from what surrounds it
pocket of
In some parts, there are still pockets of violence and unrest.
pockets of air inside the hull of the ship
5.) be in sb's pocket
to be controlled or strongly influenced by someone in authority, and willing to do whatever they want
The judge was in the defense lawyer's pocket.
6.) have sth in your pocket
to be certain to win something such as a competition or election
The Democrats had the election in their pocket.
7.) out of pocket
especially BrE informal if you are out of pocket, you have less money than you should have, especially as a result of making a mistake or being unlucky
If he loses the deal, he'll be badly out of pocket.
8.) be/live in each other's pockets
BrE informal if two people are in each other's pockets, they are together too much
baize, ↑cue, ↑pocket
9.) ¦(GAME)¦
a small net on a ↑pool, ↑snooker, or billiard table, which you try to hit balls into
burn a hole in your pocket atburn1 (17)
line your own pockets atline2 (4)
pick sb's pocket atpick1 (14)
pocket 2
pocket2 v [T]
1.) to put something into your pocket
Maggie locked the door and pocketed the keys.
2.) to steal money, especially money that you are responsible for
One inspector had pocketed up to $500,000 in bribes.
3.) to get a large amount of money, win a prize etc, especially in a way that seems very easy or slightly dishonest
Johnston pocketed $2,500 in prize money.
4.) to hit a ball into a pocket in the game of ↑pool, ↑snooker and ↑billiards
= ↑pot
pocket 3
pocket3 adj [only before noun]
small enough to be carried in your pocket
a pocket dictionary

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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